Friday, August 21, 2015

Welcoming New Students to Murray State University

Last week, Murray State welcomed new international students for their orientation. Students, faculty and staff met buses of students coming from the Nashville International Airport and helped them move into their new dormitories.

At Murray State University, #GreatBeginnings is week of fun activities and events to welcome new students. International students attended many of these great events. For example, last weekend, students visited the Waterfield Library for #WaterfieldWired. At this fun event, students played dancing and racing Wii games, twister, laser tag and mini golf in the library.

The next day, faculty, staff and students lined the sidewalks from the Curris Center to Lovett Auditorium to cheer students on as they walked to their Blue&Gold Welcome Ceremony. The president of the university led the way.
When students arrived in the auditorium, the ceremony began with the March of Flags: international students from around the world brought their flags to the front of the stage. 

After this, the President of the Student Government, the President of the University and a Keynote Speaker welcomed new students to Murray State University. A new class of #racers!

This weekend, students can continue these fun events on-campus--there are several fun events including movies and speeches. There are plenty of fun things going on now in Murray!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The new international ESL students at Murray State University are beginning to arrive, and they are excited to become a part of the Murray State community. The weather in Murray is very nice this summer--it is warm and there is a light breeze, so many of our students have spent time walking outside and meeting other students.

The students were greeted with a pizza-party welcome during orientation:

After this, our new students met with members of the Commonwealth Honors Academy to practice speaking:

In the United States, county fairs can be a fun part of the summer. A few times a year, a county fair will visit several towns in the United States, bringing fun rides, traditional foods and exciting games to play. Some of our new students decided to visit the county fair when it came to Murray, and they had a lot of fun:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Break!

Students at Murray State University are excited for the end of the semester and the beginning of winter break. This week is finals week at Murray State, an affordable school for international students, so everyone is working hard and studying for their exams. They are also preparing for winter break, which many international students are going to use to travel around the USA. Students are visiting New York City, California and a variety of other places. Some students are also joining faculty and community members for the holiday season to experience some of the American holidays.

Christmas is a holiday that many Americans celebrate by putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it with ornaments and lights. At Murray State, an affordable school for international students, we put a large Christmas tree up in the Curris Center, and recently there was a ceremony called the "Hanging of the Green," where the tree was lit. 

For Christmas, often families host large meals, open many presents, and tell children the story of Santa Claus. Some families also celebrate other holidays like Chanukah instead of Christmas. After Christmas, people prepare for the New Year. On New Year's Eve--the last day of 2014--many families stay up until midnight preparing for the New Year. Some throw parties, set off fireworks, and celebrate the end of the year. 

 This will be a great way for our students at Murray State, an affordable school for International Students, to learn about another American Tradition!

Thanksgiving at Murray State University

For Thanksgiving at Murray State, many international students came to a special Thanksgiving dinner. They ate turkey, potatoes and pie, had a talent show, and learned about this important American holiday. Thanksgiving is an American holiday that is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. In the first Thanksgiving in 1621, Pilgrims and Native Americans came together for a huge feast. Now, many American families celebrate the holiday by eating several traditional foods with family and talking about everything they are thankful for. After this, some of our international students went to the homes of people in the Murray State community for Thanksgiving, and stayed up late for Black Friday shopping. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, many shops have special sales, so often families will finish their Thanksgiving meals then travel to stores early the next morning to buy holiday presents.

This was a great way for international students at Murray State University to learn about this fun holiday. 

International Bazaar at Murray State University!

Students at Murray State participated in an International Bazaar. For this, international students from all over the world set up booths with information about their countries to teach children about different places and customs around the world. 

As you can see, our international students had a lot of fun sharing their cultures with these students!