Monday, November 17, 2014

TODAY at Murray State:

It's International Education Week! Check out some of the awesome things happening @Murray State today for international students:

1. Activities to Expand Your Mind: Leadership Tree of Cultures
Nov. 17, 11AM to 2PM @Curris Center Rocking Chair Lounge
This interactive activity will show how leadership is affected by multiple factors and perspectives around the world.

2. Understanding Higher Education Abroad: Impressions from the Fulbright Education Administrators Program in the United Kingdom
Nov. 17, 11AM to 11:30AM @Curris Center Barkley Room
In August, 2013, the presenter participated in the Fulbright International Education Administrators Program in the United Kingdom. Eleven UK universities were visited in the three week program, with participants taking part in seminars, interactive briefings, workgroups, and cultural events at each institution. These meetings focused on higher education policy, administration, and internationalization efforts, and provided an opportunity for discussion with influential members of UK governmental, education, and economic agencies. The presentation will summarize the Fulbright IEA program, with observations and impressions of the similarities and differences in higher education in the US and UK.

3. The University Library’s Contribution to Student Success
Nov. 17, 12PM to 1PM @Curris Center Barkley Room
This open discussion session will give an opportunity for international students to share their library experiences here and in their home countries. This session will also be an opportunity for them to discuss their perspectives of university libraries and their expectations of library resources, services, and facilities.

4. Conflict and Opportunity: An Exploration of the Historical and Contemporary Relationship between Africans from the Continent, and within the Diaspora
Nov. 17, 1PM to 2:15PM @Curris Center Mississippi Room
A facilitated conversation between Africans throughout the diaspora (Africans, African-Americans, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino), as a means to explore over-arching misconceptions, deep-rooted contentions, and opportunities for healing and moving forward as a more reflective, responsible global community.

5. Course Design Project: Travelling around the World
Nov. 17, 1 PM to 1:30PM @Curris Center Cumberland Room
The "Travelling around the World" course project has been designed to provide students with vital knowledge of language and culture so that they can communicate successfully when travelling and studying abroad. The presentation discusses the course significance, its goals and objectives, and useful classroom activities for ESL/EFL teachers.

6. Activities to Expand Your Mind: Global Adventures
Nov. 17, 2PM to 5PM @Curris Center Rocking Chair Lounge
A collage of the places MSU students, faculty, and staff call their home.

7. Lighting the Candle: How a Winter Study Abroad Program inspired my involvement in Amnesty International
Nov. 17, 2PM to 2:30PM @Curris Center Barkley Room
During Murray State University’s Winter 2013 term the speaker participated in the "Human Rights: Paris & London" study abroad program with students from a variety of academic disciplines. This exposure combined with a visit to Amnesty International’s United Kingdom headquarters inspired a desire to campaign for Human Rights on Murray State’s home campus.

8. Holistic Wellness of International College Students: Qualitative Findings
Nov. 17, 3PM to 3:45PM @Curris Center Barkley Room
This presentation will report initial findings of a study aiming to construct a comprehensive instrument to assess the perceptions and behaviors of health and wellness among international students. Participants are encouraged to take part in an open floor discussion at the end of the presentation to share questions or comments.

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